Image OperationsΒΆ

All functions with the heman_ops_ prefix are meant for doing very simple image operations that are outside of heman’s core functionality.

// Given a set of same-sized images, copy them into a horizontal filmstrip.
heman_image* heman_ops_stitch_horizontal(heman_image** images, int count);

// Given a set of same-sized images, copy them into a vertical filmstrip.
heman_image* heman_ops_stitch_vertical(heman_image** images, int count);

// Transform texel values so that [minval, maxval] map to [0, 1] and return the
// result.  Values outside the range are clamped.  The source image is
// untouched.
heman_image* heman_ops_normalize_f32(
    heman_image* source, HEMAN_FLOAT minval, HEMAN_FLOAT maxval);

// Generate a monochrome image by applying a step function.
heman_image* heman_ops_step(heman_image* image, HEMAN_FLOAT threshold);

// Generate a height x 1 x 1 image by averaging the values across each row.
heman_image* heman_ops_sweep(heman_image* image);